CBC Radio 2 Documentary on Frank Zappa

Good stuff...grab it while you can...

At http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/archives_ITM.html you'll find:

"A three-part series on iconoclast Frank Zappa.

The genre didn't matter-rhythm and blues, do-wop, jazz, classical- Frank Zappa embraced them all and folded them all into his own compositions. Frank Zappa made popular music that was challenging, and serious music that was listenable; to him there was only one type of music, good music; there was only one audience, all of us; and there was only one time, the present.

You could also say that he wrote just one piece of music, a work, eclectic as it is, that happens to run for about a hundred hours.

This series explores Frank Zappa as a composer, through the memories of some of those who knew him best: his family, his friends, and some of the musicians who worked with him.

I am all day and night: The Music of Frank Zappa was written and produced by Philip Coulter."

Copyright © CBC 2009

I'd missed the Pt. 1 broadcast so don't have it's blurb; Pt. 2 features Arthur Barrow and Warren Cuccurullo as well. Steve Vai, among others on Pt.3. GZ, and Ruth throughout.

While you're there, why not check out:

Ollie passed on last year...some of his stuff off the Camino CD was pretty damn close to the structure and feeling of any of FZs better solos.

And for de ole folks: