Wayne, Marc and Brian

Dublin Core


Wayne, Marc and Brian


Overton, Brian Hector
Overton, Wayne Alexander
Guertin, Thomas Marc


Taken outside D.W.Moore Mountain Street residence. In the background are: the house that used to be where the Tim Hortons now stands, the United Church Rectory, The United Church (before the fire which destroyed the steeple in 1959(?)), and the Aylmer Academy.

Brian wrote "The picture with Marc, Wayne and myself with Marc in the carriage amazing not for the three of us but for the background. The way things were with Mountain Street probably ending at Peach's house about 100 yards to the right, probably street car tracks buried in the snow behind us, and the clear view up to the school and the United Church. This reminds of the morning that Wayne and I awoke cheering to see smoke billowing from the old Academy. The fun was short lived when Mom made it clear that it was no laughing matter. We did get a couple of days off however!
Thanks for the memories




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