Cottage Reno

Old cottage; young Lynn...June 2003

Before - 2005-10-22

Katie and Leon- 2006-07-02



Bob after storm clean-up - 2008-11-15 (

Dan and Magoon- 2013-05-20

What will soon be new door to bathroom - 2015-08-05

New bathroom door, new front door, window from Robins house before reno. (Note: window looks tilted in at bottom and it is! Front door is installed vertical; wall is off almost 3 inches top to bottom.) - 2015-08-16

Interior wall between bathroom and kitchen (which was old door to bathroom)

Floor partly done; all plumbing in false floor.

See tilt in wall and note studs on bottom plateon right hand side of window. - 2015-08-16

Robin removed all ceiling tiles, etc. 2015-08-18

Back towards kitchen.

Bathroom closed...see studs on bottom plate...Bernie and I cut bottom plate and kicked the wall out into vertical with front door! - 2015-08-22

Front window.

Meanwhile, outside...

Salvaged wall from bathroom door opening replaced on front entrance.

Bernie and I built a false wall out of 2" x 3"'s between window and kitchen corner to get rid of that "fun house" look! Electrical done and drywall started. - 2015-08-31

Where the cottage contents are...

East wall opened...

That top header and bottom plate are horizontal and parallel, despite what the outside boards suggest! - 2015-09-01

Just before the big cut...

What you do with an old patio door...80 inches by 36 inches... - 2015-09-04

View out that new window...

Old floor...

New floor... - 2015-09-05


Floor done... - 2015-09-09

Ceiling done and finishing that m-f'ing shower...


Start of install of kitchen stuff from Robins old house (been in the basement for 5 years!) and start of ceiling... - 2015-09-23

Ceiling mostly done...


Wall cabinets up... - 2015-09-26

End of the work day!

Construction of the couch/bed...


Countertop in.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2 - both new Ikea beds and mattresses...

Christmas Eve, 2015!!

Christmas Eve, 2015!!